Friday, 14 February 2014

Successfully Move Lotus Notes Doc Link into Office 365 with Doc Link

Users are planning to move Lotus Notes Doc Link into Office 365 from on-premises to off-premises platform. Previously the only way to store messages, contact, task and calendar under single umbrella was IBM Notes environment. But now users are looking for transferring data from Lotus Notes into MS Office 365 with doc links as it is a newly innovative cloud technology based off-premises environment.

What are Doc links?

The path or location of any doc file referred by a link in emails is known as Doc links.

Main Considerations for Migration

For such kind of data migration a good quality Lotus Notes migration tool is required. The software support migration of child document from parent document in cloud environment & successfully move Lotus Notes doc links into Office 365 with ideal result. Many tool available in the market but they did not support doc links and HTML formatting.

Impact of Doc links Loss

  • Wipe out the entire details of particular document: The complete details of link document will be loss and further it will affect when document is needed.
  • It may risk the productivity because of a loss of information: If the document related to sales it will affect the entire productivity of the tool.
  • Inability to operate some important companies credential: The impact of lost doc link will be very devastating and even it will not possible for the user to indulge with the very basic work.

Why Documents Links are Important during Migration?

Sometimes user sends mails without attachments; indeed they link some document with the main document. User can simply view the complete document sets by clicking on the link. But when we talk about migration these linked documents cannot be neglected and it also needs to save docs links in Office 365 from Lotus Notes. During data transition an app that accurately move Lotus Notes doc links into Office 365 is always appreciated for preventing data from further hazards.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Migrate Lotus Notes Domino mailboxes to Office 365 with Good Quality App Only!

Microsoft Office 365 is cloud service provider which provides service on subscription bases and pay per use bases thus users planning to migrate Lotus Notes Domino mailboxes to Office 365. Thus many companies are convinced to use this cloud service as a solution to query. Similarly, for this query only few qualified solutions are available, one of them in Mail Migration Office 365 product.

Reasons Why Demand is Increasing for Utilizing Office 365

  • Service expandability
  • No software maintenance
  • Reliability
  • User choice
  • Security
  • Flexibility
  • Less expenses
Many complexity and difficulties you may experience while migrating from Lotus Notes to Office 365 or Live Domino Server mailbox to Office 365. For complete transfer of Lotus Domino to Office 365 you need a medium which fully migrate the data of NSF and mailbox to Office 365. The Mail Migration Office 365 software will migrate Lotus Notes Domino mailboxes to Office 365 with entire data of Domino Server and NSF file.

Benefits While Performing Migration

  • Migrate Lotus Notes and Live Domino Server mailbox to Office 365
  • Safely and speedily perform migration
  • Migrate entire data in one go
  • You can even select all, multiple or any particular category
  • Provide different email filter option
  • Accurate and precise data transfer
Thus this is a best solution to migrate Lotus Notes Domino mailboxes to office 365 it maintains the speed, accuracy, time for data transition.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Migrating Lotus Notes to Office 365 with High Speed

Migrating Lotus Notes to Office 365 via fast and accurate migration application that mitigates arduous method for successfully transferring Lotus Notes to Office 365. Easily transfer mails, contacts, calendar and task of Lotus Notes. This app allows sending multiple Lotus Notes user accounts data as well as mailbox’s data simultaneously. Using Mail Migration Office 365 transit Lotus Notes directly to Office 365 platform. It ensures seamless and accurate migration of Lotus Notes by preserving the integrity of mailboxes and Lotus Notes user’s account. 

Use Blooming Tool as a Bridge for Lotus Notes Migration
The best practice for migrating Lotus Notes to Office 365 is Mail Migration Office 365 application that will migrate the entire data of Lotus Notes to Office 365 seamlessly. Many companies are for a numbers of reasons are migrating to use Microsoft’s enriched and varied featured Office 365 platform. Use a reliable application that completely performs the migration according to customer requirement.

Reason behind Unpopularity of Lotus Notes
  • Ever-decreasing market share is the biggest issue of unpopular Lotus Notes
  • It is slower as compare to Office 365
  • The management in Lotus Notes to Manage NSF file is difficult
  • Involve complexity while working with Lotus Notes

Use Mail Migration Office 365 as a Solution to Migrate from Lotus Notes to Office 365
Mail Migration Office 365 software mitigates entire IT enterprise and user-end efforts and minimize risk for migrating Lotus Notes to Office 365 with high speed. Use this application for simple, secure and on-schedule migration of Lotus Notes data infrastructure to Office 365 platform.